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Achieve Your Salesforce Potential


​​Dream bigger, move faster, and build a better tomorrow with our innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions. We help you realize your growth potential in a scalable fashion with the power of Salesforce.


  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain a clear view of your operations with reliable data.​

  • ​Standardized Processes: Eliminate disparate systems and embrace standardized processes that increase efficiency and reduce complexity.​

  • Single Source of Truth: Achieve a unified view of your sales and marketing data, enabling better business decisions with live, accurate reports.​

  • Increased Adoption: Ensure your employees love and use the new system, leading to a standardized customer experience and higher overall satisfaction.

Tailored to Your Needs


Personalized Solutions: We design architectures and systems tailored to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


Experienced Team: Women-owned and operated, with over 25 certifications and 10+ years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Agile Approach: We focus on long-term scalability, ensuring your Salesforce org grows with your business.

Our Services

Salesforce Advisory Services

At Hmara, we specialize in Salesforce Advisory Services that align your business and operating models with Salesforce’s capabilities. If Salesforce isn't the right fit, we will guide you toward the best alternative technologies.

Salesforce Health-Check

  • We conduct comprehensive Salesforce Health Checks, identifying technical debt and recommending best practices. You'll receive a personalized roadmap to get your Salesforce org back on track.

  • Importance: Ensures your Salesforce environment is optimized for efficiency and growth.


Salesforce Support Team Optimization

  • Is your Salesforce team underperforming or overwhelmed? We assess and optimize your team, providing guidance on project execution and technical architecture.

  • Importance: Enhances your team’s productivity and effectiveness.



  • Maximizing ROI requires user adoption. We develop strategies and best practices to improve user experience and ensure your team loves using Salesforce.

  • Importance: Boosts user engagement and satisfaction, driving higher returns on your Salesforce investment.

Our Project Services cover Salesforce implementations and enhancements with a focus on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Pardot. Our team, holding over 20 Salesforce certifications, ensures your project is managed with expertise.

  • Preparation: Align business goals and objectives, define success metrics, and prepare for a successful launch.

  • Project Management: Our experienced Project Managers handle everything, from managing technical resources to stakeholder management, risk management, and advising on change management.

  • Development: Utilizing Agile and Scrum methodologies, we offer both declarative and programmatic development, including data modeling, custom automations, and UI personalization with optimized UX.

  • Data Migration: We guide you through or handle the data migration process, ensuring best practices and reducing stress.

  • Quality Assurance Testing: Our testers work with developers to ensure quality at every stage.

  • User Acceptance Testing: We ensure your team is prepared for deployment with thorough user acceptance testing.

  • Deployment: Using Salesforce best practices, we prepare your users for changes with effective change management.

  • Custom-Tailored Training: We offer engaging training resources to maximize adoption and ROI.

  • Reports and Analytics: Customized reports and dashboards for better data-driven decision-making.

Project Services

Continuous Innovation Package

Our Continuous Innovation packages provide ongoing support to help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving Salesforce landscape.

  • Strategic Partnership: We align your technology goals with your business strategy to ensure innovation and maximize your Salesforce investment.

  • Salesforce Optimization: We keep your system up-to-date, reducing technical debt and leveraging new features.

  • Development Expertise: Custom solutions using both declarative and programmatic development.

  • Business Analysis: We optimize your business processes to increase efficiency across departments.

  • Quick Response: Our support team offers same-day responses and live support as per SLA agreements.

  • Open Office Hours: Accessible support for any questions or issues, enhancing user efficiency and satisfaction.

Our team of certified Salesforce specialists is ready to augment your existing team, bringing expertise and reliability to your projects.

  • Salesforce Administrator

  • Salesforce Developer

  • Salesforce Architect

  • Salesforce Business Analyst

  • Salesforce Project Manager

  • Salesforce Quality Assurance

  • Salesforce Integration Specialist

  • Salesforce Consultant


Individual Specialists

Discover, Design and Deliver

At Hmara Solutions, we enhance your business efficiency and growth through our proven consulting process. Our approach is centered around understanding your needs, designing tailored solutions, and delivering results that propel your business forward.

Our Proven Process


Clear Picture

Our System Efficiency Scan provides a comprehensive overview of your Salesforce and other connected systems. We identify weak links and areas for improvement, giving you a clear focus on where to start.


"No Sweat Start" Blueprint

We develop a step-by-step plan that prioritizes your objectives. This blueprint ensures you achieve your goals without disrupting your current operations.


Tangible Results

Your team sees tangible results every two weeks, not in 6+ months. Our development process is designed to integrate seamlessly, avoiding disruption to your sales and support functions.


Employee Engagement

Our solutions boost employee engagement and productivity, helping you lead a happier, more engaged, and high-performing team.


Eco-Friendly Design

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.


Ready to transform your business with Salesforce? Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce ecosystem.

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